Trains in Europe

There’s no doubt about it, train travel gives you a lot of bang for your buck – it’s a hasslefree way of getting to your destination, and offers a scenic journey to boot.

Europe’s rail network is one of the most extensive and comprehensive in the world, zipping people from major cities to tiny villages quickly and efficiently. Get your ticket to ride!

With Rail Europe, you can choose from high-speed, overnight, scenic and regional trains to suit your budget and your time frame – overnight trains are a neat way to save on a night’s accommodation, while scenic trains will get you a front row seat to Europe’s prettiest landscapes.

So what’s the best kind of Rail Europe pass for you? A train ticket is more affordable if you book in advance and only plan on doing a couple of trips, but if you want to really criss-cross the continent with freedom, a rail pass will suit you much better.

There are a range of popular passes available, depending on your itinerary. Some concentrate on single countries like Switzerland or Italy, but if you want more, the Eurail Global pass is a sure-fire hit. It allows you unlimited travel in 28 countries, as well as offering you related discounts and bonuses like free ferry trips and reduced hotel costs. It’s the only rail pass to cover the whole of Europe, so it’s your ticket to ultimate freedom.

Popular rail passes

  • Global Pass: Unlimited travel in 28 countries
  • Italy Pass: Unlimited travel in Italy
  • France-Spain Pass: Unlimited travel in France and Spain

Swiss Travel Pass

  • Unlimited travel in Switzerland
  • All-in-one ticket to travel by train, bus and boat
  • France-Spain Pass: Unlimited travel in France and Spain

France Rail Pass

  • Unlimited travel in France

Note: The Eurail pass is available to any persons living in a non-European country apart from Russia and Turkey.

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